Wolf Fangs

Price is per dozen

To pre-order the Wolf Fang disposable stake e-mail me here: clint@wolfernation.com  I will get the order in the works.

If you can wait, I will have them at conventions this summer and you'll save on shipping!

When I came up with and tested the Wolf fang stakes, I was looking for the disposable stake that could be used in soft and hard ground and the Wolf Fang is that stake that will work everywhere. Once you use the Wolf Fang stake, it will be the only disposable stake you will ever want to use.

This is REAL product that you can order from Clint by emailing him here: clint@wolfernation.com.

This is a DEMO STORE for you to see what your store can look like. Please do not order the product here.

Price: $5.00

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