Alcatraz Coon Trap

We are proud to introduce the Alcatraz coon trap. I put a lot of thought and testing into this dog proff trap. There are several DP (dog proff) style traps on the market. What make this one different? After much in the feild testing and studying Night Vision footage, I decided that we do not want a raccoon to have to grab a trigger to set the trap off. This is why the Alcatraz has a restriction pan that fires when the coon just tries to reach your bait.

You will find that the Alcatraz is a very easy trap to set, no tools needed. A kid can even set it in a very safe manner.

 You will notice a door on the back of the Alcatraz. This door is shut when it is set to catch raccoon, but can be opened to clean the trap or bait the trap.

This is a speed tool for any raccoon trapper. It is designed to stab in the ground and keep moving to the next coon location. You do not need to dig a hole to stabilze the Alcatraz, that is what the stake is for.

 The door along with a spring is what holds your coon, till you check your trap. We have decided that "leverage", not pure spring strengh is best for our DP trap. This way, the coon will retain blood flow to the paw till you check you Alcatraz. It is built like a tank, it is built to last for years of abuse and it only cost around $9.99 each retail!

The Alcatraz will be ready for sale in late July. We are planning to have them at the NTA in WI this year.


 On our first run, we will have 300 dozen for sale. This is not as many traps as it may sound. If you are a member of Wolfer Nation you can e-mail and state is you want 1-2 dozen traps. Clint will respond to your e-mail and add this to the "hold" file. First come first serve on this to be fair. The same goes for the Wolf Fang stake, if you need some, we will have them at conventions this summer. To order the Wolf Fang disposable e-mail me and I will get the order in the works. When I came up with and tested the Wolf fang stakes, I was looking for the  disposable stake that could be used in soft and hard ground and the Wolf Fang is that stake that will work everywhere. Once you use the Wolf Fang stake, it will be the only disposable stake you will ever want to use.

Clint will have a demo trap at the conventions that he is going to, for you to get a good look at the Alcatraz while you pick up your Wolf Fang stakes.

You can see a video demo in the "free trapping video" on the home page of Wolfer Nation.

This is REAL product that you can order from Clint by emailing him here:

This is a DEMO STORE for you to see what your store can look like. Please do not order the product here.

Price: $9.99

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