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Welcome to Predator Control Group

Please read and understand before you order between 7 March 2017 to 27 March 2017. We are working on the lure shop, packing room and website during this time. Because of this we will NOT be sending out any retail or wholesale orders during this time. We are also not taking calls, so we can get all this work done as fast as possable. If you need our products during this time, you can order from F&T Fur Harvestors, they carry all our stuff. I hope this does not put anyone out, but we have to take some time off to finish our mission. I hope you all had a great trapping season. You can place order but there will be no shipping of any product till 27 of March. Thanks for understanding.

If you are looking for a crazy deal, check out another site of mine www.howtotrapit.com

You will be able to sign up and see all of Clint's videos for less than $10 each. That is not missprint, you can watch all my DVDs for less than $10.00 and you do not have to wait for shipping.

First off, I want to welcome you to Predator Control Groups trapping supply store. Or as we like to call it, the Organic Free Range Wild Fur Farmers of America CO-OP. You will find that we are not a Wall Mart of trapping supplies, This is not our goal or mission in the trapping industry. We at Predator Control Group are very focused on quality and trapper performance, not quantity. Besides having products available to other fur trappers and ADC operators, we have a very successful Predator Control trapping and snaring company. We are at the top of the damage control game for one very simple reason, we catch animals by the truck or boat load. We are leaders in trapping, snaring, catching and killing coyotes, bobcats and nest predators for Quality Deer management programs all over the country. The products you will see inside our supply store are what we make in house to make absolutely sure they our products are top shelf products. We sell NOTHING we don't use on our own trap lines, we don't have lures and baits for our own control trappers and sell other trappers a lesser version of the product. Our price is a little higher than mass marketed animal scents, lures and baits, but quality, trapper value and results do cost more to produce. If your new to trapping or have been at it for years, why in the world would you take a chance and miss thousands of dollars of animals to save a dollar or two for a cheaper made product? 

If you are looking for a coyote, bobcat or fox lure rest assured that if you use Predator Control Groups lures you are not buying hype in a bottle. All PCG lures and baits are made by Clint Locklear and no one else. Clint and members of Predator Control Group have tested and caught large numbers of animals from NM to NC and from MI to FL. Our trapping lures and baits catch fur in the rain, sleet, snow, cold and hot temps. Not only do we only sell what we make and use, our lure business is growing at over 200% per year. This is because when trappers get to use such a high quality product they buy in bulk and tell their trapping buddies about it. The only thing you have to loose with using PCG lures and baits is less sleep from skinning more animals this trapping season!


We are also a leader in the trapping industry for trapping videos and trapping books. Again we strive to put out high quality information that will help other trappers catch more fur, period! You can find hundreds of trapping and snaring videos on the market today. I know this can be confusing to someone looking for real hard-core trapping and snaring information. Our marketing plan again is simple, we will not put out junk home made extended You Tube videos or ...watch me trap... videos. Our trapping and snaring videos are training courses. You will also notice that our videos or not info-commercials for our products. When we sell trapping information, it is information that is learned from years of long lining fur, state hopping (23 states), several hundred thousand miles on the trap line, lessons learned, mistakes made, train wrecks and from high paying predator control jobs. Our trapping dvds are born in the mud and blood of the trap line, not from a vacation trip or weekend trap line. We are leaders in trapping training video courses, not only because trappers keep buying more and more of them, but because they a loaded with real world trapping experience and methods that pile up fur fast. .


If you have any questions about some of our products, let us know. We are in the trappers business and we enjoy talking to and spending time with fur takers.





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