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Today, I met with the member of a deer club near... more
Tim Ivey May 2 '14
I am still pretty new at coyote trapping and I was... more
Drew Miller Mar 12 '14
I'm in SC and we have seen a bunch of rain lately.... more

Forum Topics

Ok Guys, I learned a lesson about the... More
Darrell Morgan May 17 '14
I have really good luck with the dp's. I don't... More
Drew Miller Apr 16 '14
Those are some really cool pics. I think I... More
Drew Miller Mar 12 '14
Friend me on FB if you want
Tim Ivey Mar 5 '14


  • Jody Caviness commented on Darrell Morgan's photo
  • Caught my very first red fox the other day. He wasn't a really big one but I was happy as heck anyway.
    May 5 '14
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  • Tim Ivey liked David VanValkenburg's status
    I know this is a trapping sight but just had to share today's activities. My wife and I went with a friend and his beagles today rabbit hunting. We had a great time. Wife got to shoot a lot which she loves. Seven rabbits total.
    May 2 '14
    2 2
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  • Tim Ivey liked David VanValkenburg's status
    Got me another coyote yesterday. Young male. Fur looks pretty good. All was quite today.
    May 2 '14
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  • Tim Ivey liked Bud Mackes's photo
    May 2 '14
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  • Tim Ivey liked David VanValkenburg's status
    My son got his very first catch today. So excited and happy for him. 30 pound bobcat.
  • Apr 28 '14
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  • Been a long winter, sooooo glad the fur work is done.....just hope they do good at nafa...
    Apr 28 '14
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  • Chris DeRusseau commented on Admin's status
    I believe I have gotten rid of about 99% of the spam. Goodness.... was up at 5:30AM and was working on it till 9:45AM. I "think" the new set of tools I have added will knock out a bunch of it before it starts. Not that it will catch it all, but it seems to have helped already.

    As I was working on clearing out spam, they kept signing up!! About as fast as I could delete them, they were back, haha. Have not got a new one in about an hour, so I guess it is working.

    They were "mostly" coming from Russia and China.... Imagine that! haha
    Apr 28 '14
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  • Drew Miller replied in forum topic
    Favorite coon sets
    What is everyones favorite coon set?
     Discuss  Replies: 5 
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