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Caleb Matthews Feb 3 '13
Well do to the good Lord,  your cat collector dvd Clint and people telling me i couldnt, i have been wearing out the cats this season so far. I have only been able to run 10 or so sets every other week for cats, but with your methods Clint you can still wear them slap out! I have also been blessed to have a lure maker take me under his wing this past summer and teach me the trade. So these cats i have been catching have been on some lures i have formulated. I'm 17 and i'm able to do i know for sure that if more people would buy the cat collector dvd and if you had the time 100 cats would be possible for many people in a season. Basically if you want to catch a lot of cats just buy the dvd and no Clint didnt tell me to say this, it is just how much i recommend the dvd! Heres some of my seasons pics thus far.

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  100_4947.JPG (2691.41Kb)
  100_4920.JPG (3079.78Kb)
  100_4917.JPG (1542.08Kb)
  100_4842.JPG (1941.95Kb)
  101_4783.JPG (1737.75Kb)
Jason michaud Feb 3 '13
trapperchick Feb 4 '13
Great job my friend!
Dave Kimball Feb 4 '13
Yep...Spots are on the agenda for next year. 
Clint Locklear Feb 4 '13
I can't wait to go to he land of cats and mexican food myself soon. Great job Caleb
John Porter Feb 4 '13
Been treeing the crap out of cats this season, so next yr will be time to trap some also..
Rodney Jordan Feb 15 '13
Nice job. This year I can't keep the coyotes out of my cat sets. Even with the big turkey feather flags and Fatal Attraction smeared on them the 'yotes just won't stay out. At least I'm thinning them out!
Tim Ivey Feb 15 '13
get em all!
Tim Ivey Feb 15 '13
great cat pics, that 4th one is a whopper!
Jeff Hoffman Feb 15 '13
Nice Job...Its great to see a young man in the outdoors rather than Playing X-Box or hanging out at the mall!!!!! 
Joshua Marshall Feb 16 '13
GET'EM ALL!!!!!!!!


james e jackson Feb 17 '13

great trapping and great photo's


Ernest Winter Mar 5 '13
Nice job wish we had cats like that around here
Ernest Winter Mar 5 '13
Nice job wish we had cats like that around here
Caleb Matthews Apr 13 '13

Quote from Tim Ivey great cat pics, that 4th one is a whopper!
Oh yeah that sucker weighed 28 pounds! Biggest cat of my life.
Lee Taylor Apr 14 '13
That's a nice haul on the cats! Congratulations and best of luck to you next season.
Marty R. Cantrell Aug 12 '13
Great Job!!!