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Tim Ivey Feb 13 '13
no, they have the PAWS I Trip Pan. From the factory they are set to 2.5-3lbs.....but I've always had good foot catches with them....because they have a night latched dog and low pan
Tim Ivey Feb 14 '13
Try this Thad, cut the screen for the MB55's about 1/2" longer for each side. Notch for the dog and back of the pan where the dog fits. raise the loose jaw and insert under the fixed jaw and let extend about 1/2 inch lower the loose jaw. NOW, bend the screen up 90 degrees flat against the outside of each jaw and try bedding it now, That should solve the buckling issue. Also make sure you have a large enough trap bed cut out. Bed the levers tight and just tamp the dirt around the jaws. Sometimes when you try to pack the outside of the jaws, you will buckle the screen.
Tim Ivey Feb 14 '13
Anytime pardner
Trevor Daley Feb 14 '13
Yes, pan tension is ajustable on the 550.
Trevor Daley Feb 14 '13
Yes, pan tension is ajustable on the 550.
Tim Ivey Feb 14 '13
Tim Ivey Feb 14 '13
It is on the MB650 I know
Bud Mackes Feb 15 '13
Just getting into yotes for the first time and have a dozen MB550s. I will give these screen pan covers a try. Thanks for sharing!
Tim Ivey Feb 15 '13
you bet.
Linvol Webb Feb 15 '13
Wire for the big traps 3 and up .Do not nite latch my 3 .
Chad Burrow Aug 19 '13
I just bought dog proof/scratch resistant screen for screen doors, made out of fiberglass, they are thicker than regular fiberglass pan covers and more stiff. You can cut them a little longer so that it sticks past the jaws and seems to work well. It's pretty cheap at Lowes and they offer a Military discount.
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Chad Burrow Aug 20 '13
These are the fiberglass/dog proof screen I use. The key is to leave enough excess under the jaws so you can pack the dirt on it to get the pan cover tight over the pan. One pic is of a Bridger #2 and the other of a Duke #4. There is the pic of both pan covers side by side. Might want to give them a try, they are stronger than regular fiberglass screen, but less stiff than wire screens.
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  Bridger #2.jpg (773.79Kb)
  Duke #4.jpg (661.87Kb)
  Pan covers.jpg (755.05Kb)
Justin Wagner Mar 4 '14

I have looked high and low for these steel wire screen pan covers that o gorrman sells. does anyone know where I can find it either a website or phone number.  I would greatly appreciate it

Tim Ivey Mar 4 '14
O'Gormans direct number 406-436-2234. Ask to speak to Nancy
Justin Wagner Mar 5 '14
Hey thanks I appreciate it
Tim Ivey Mar 5 '14
Friend me on FB if you want
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