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Darrell Morgan May 17 '14

Ok Guys, I learned a lesson about the saber-tooth drags. Been watching Clint's videos and decided I wanted something quick and easy! Well it is quick and easy, but if you are Coyote trapping (year round is legal in Georgia) and you are having a hard time finding your coyote because there are no drag marks on the ground to track down your catch, then don't forget to look up. He may be in a tree, also he may not be a coyote at all. This coon fooled me for a while, I started doing a circle search patterns working farther and farther from my set, looking for anything, broken twig, scuff mark. Nothing! then I returned to my set. I heard a bark scraping sound above where I was standing and found my dog-less Bridger #2 and the Saber-tooth 20 feet in the tree. Coons like Federales!

Look close to the right of the tree trunk, that's my drag!
Try releasing a non-target animal from an extension ladder, yep it can be done!

Oh! have caught 3 yotes in last 2 weeks
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