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Chris Love Dec 28 '13
While doing a ADC job today, I learned a valuable lesson. Therefore, I thought I would pass on some wisdom and hopefully save someone from repeating this post. I use 330 conibears for most of my beaver work and while attempting to quickly relocate a set, I stupidly placed a LIVE 330 in my gear bag and started walking towards the new set. Upon arriving, I set my gear down which tripped the trigger thus causing my 330 to collapse on my wrist. Lucky I kept my cool and was able to release myself. I was also lucky that my 330 had to compete with my gear bag and a handle before collapsing on my wrist. Needless to say, I will RETURN to using safety grips and leave my arrogance and stupidity at home. Good news too, I scored two 20 pounders before everything went south.
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