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Gavin Sickels Sep 4 '13
What is everyones favorite coon set?
Dustin Sep 13 '13
Blind sets are where it is at!
Foot holds being most productive,
snares being second,
and bodygrips being third.
Set these going from denning area to denning area, denning area to there food source and do not forget the trail you can clearly see in the creek along the bank! Insure to gang set each trail!
With the footholds you will also get your fox, yotes and cats using the trails. As long as you have the traps that will hold these catches, so make sure you size up in steel. But also ensure you modify your traps to keep the coons from chewing out. Double jaws are a must for coon!
Snares make it harder to catch the other species in do to size differances.
Body grips really make it tuff to catch other species in cause the other animals are harder to get though a bodygrip.
Once you start setting the trails you will start losing faith in almost all other sets. At least I have... If you do not know if it is a coon trail or not, set it any way. Something made the trail you might as well find out what it is, when you find out what it is. Note the type of trail to see if you want to set the next one like it you see. Later in the season when the ground is covered by snow. Is when I switch over to the DPs and buckets around the den trees. Just be ready to fight the mice. They can clean out a DP and even buckets in no time flat.
I do not like body grip buckets because I do not want to kill any ones dog. I honestly think footholds in front of buckets work better then the body body in front of buckets. If the bucket is placed over the trap and keeps the set dry and working. The foot hold bedded infront of the bucket will also outproduce DPs do to the amount of bait you can stuff in a bucket vs the dp trap.
Dp's are great but the mice make them a nightmare to keep them baited. Also I have found early season using DPs you have to put them where the coon are eating normally to get any real success with them.
This is free advice take it for what it is worth. I have spent a lot of time and money comming to these conclusions! If you use it, just tell me how it worked for ya!
God Bless,

Michael Anderson Sep 16 '13
Me personally I mainly use pocket sets. I like my water and prefer the coon drown when I get to them. I have used buckets with 220's and just started using dp's last year.
Jeremiah Gadsby Sep 27 '13
my personal favorite is a blind set on a trail along a creek edge with a foothold, conibears are nice but like dustin said they limit you catch variety and risk killin someones dog or some other non target animal. I like to find a spot along the bank where theres tracks entering the water and place my trap right at the edge just under enough water to cover it or find a trail that has a spot narrowed down enough to funnel the coons over my trap. I have set on deer trails where they cross the creek that I have seen coon using but the trick to that is to find a spot where you know the deer will not step but a coon has to step and place your trap there, that worked pretty well for me
Caleb Matthews Nov 8 '13
My favorite set for coons are 160's on land in coon trails.
Drew Miller Apr 16 '14
I have really good luck with the dp's. I don't think you can beat them due to the fact that they are so quick and you can put them anywhere you would put any other trap. I don't have mice problems. I don't know why because everyone else I know has problems with mice but I haven't had any problems. I also have square buckets with lids that I slide 220s into. I cut a hole in the lid so I still catch coon, but not someone's dog.