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Rod Miler Jun 2 '13
I just use logwood dye crystals and waxed my traps. If I was to use f.m.j. would i still dye the traps and then dip them. What about when you pull the the traps out of the field and want to reclean the trap that was already dipped in f.m.j. would you just say pressure wash them let them dry then red dip them in f.m.j.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Clint Locklear Jun 2 '13

I do use log wood die at the end of seasons because of the lengh time my traps are used each year and the abuse this causes. Plus I can boil them as I make lure or other things through the day. I mix tis into what ever I am doing and after a few days they are all done. The I take about half a day to dip in Full Metal jacket. If I get traps that are in acid type soils and the traps get in bad bad shap, I will preasure wash and dip as I go along, boiling and color is not nessary to catch coyotes, but he traps do look better when a client sees them for the first time. This is more for client than coyotes..


Yes, if they get looking rough during season, preasure wash them off and re dip them FMJ is so thin, you can do this for years. And when you do boil them in log wood dye, the acid in it will strip off most FMJ anyway.

Rod Miler Jun 2 '13
Thanks Clint