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Jeff Hoffman Jun 1 '13

My wife just bought me a BT 45 for my Birthday and I was wondering what size auger I should get.  She ordered the 4 inch but I can probably switch it out if a dif size would be better.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Clint Locklear Jun 2 '13
I like the 4 inch on coyotes for sure, but I plan on getting a 2 inch bit for grey fox. They can climb down in to a hole from a 4 inch hole and rob you blind.
Jeff Hoffman Jun 2 '13

Thanks for the input Clint.  The dealer  told us that they only had bits in 3,4 or 5 inch. I will stick with the 4 inch then as we dont have enough fox here to justify a smaller one. Where can you get a 2'' auger if i decided to go out of state sometime? 

Robin Hedden Jun 2 '13
Jeff, congrats on your new toy! I messed up and bought the 5" bit and it's way too big unless you want to dig post holes or just trap beds.  I'm looking at the 2" and 3" bits. Stihl likes'em cause they are kind of expensive.  I think you will find the BT45 very useful in speeding up your set making. They will give you a workout in rocky soil.  Good luck and make sure to keep the gas smell off your hands and feet. I learned that one the hard way, even though Clint warned us about it in his Cat Trapping Video.  Be safe :)
Clint Locklear Jun 3 '13
I thought stihl made one, I have talked to a few guys that had them. Now You have me secound guessing myself if these trappers made or used another brand bit for the 2 " bit.
Dustin Jun 3 '13
The 2 if you go to google and type in 2 inch earth auger bit you should find what you are looking for, there are many different ones to chose from just ensure you get one that is 1/2 shanked many are built to go onto a full sized post hole drill. To my knowledge Sthil, Echo and Tanka. The three major players in motor drills all start at a 3 inch hole. Hope this helps

God Bless,


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Gene Stanfield Dec 30 '13
How will the Bt45 handle south central Missouri soil
I'm concerned it will be a hassle. I use my 18volt drill with a 2 inch for dirt holes but 4-6 inches is about all I get before I'm in gravel and rock