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Jeff Hoffman Feb 15 '13

I am getting ready to buy some SL DL 4 then put big pans on them and was wondering if they will make decent beaver traps when i am not using them on predators.


Will Watson Feb 15 '13
should be fine, people have used smaller traps and caught them. before i started trapping them with footholds our jaw spread limit for water was 6.5 inside and im sure people caught them. im using bridger #5s now and have been tearing them up. i have big pans on 2 of them and love them. got 1 on my Bridger#4 to try and same result. im gonna put them on all my double longsprings. just make sure for beaver you hace heavier pan tension beacuse the further away from the center of the normal pan you get the easier it is to set off. i found out the hard way with a couple toes and no beaver.
Will Watson Feb 15 '13
oh and target front foot. i still get some back foot but i feel like targeting front foot better my odds for getting the beaver some way or another.
Jeff Hoffman Feb 18 '13
Thanks for the reply Will.  I have some MB 750s and Bridger 5 coils that I am using for beaver now but thought it would be nice to be able to use the long springs for coyote and beaver both but wasn't sure how the expanded pan would work out. I appreciate your response.
Will Watson Feb 18 '13
i got some 16 guage sheet metal from lowes (kinda pricey i think 12$ or so and made 2 for #4s and 2 for #5) i used gorilla glue nc welder was messed up. the ones on #4 sstill holdn but got the welder back and made tacks around original pan to big one. just fire it off and play with it to make sure nothing catches.
Douglas L Chubb Feb 25 '13
look at electrical box covers I think they would be close to size you are looking for no need to cut just weld them on
Jeff Hoffman Feb 27 '13
Ya Doug I looked at a buddies trap the other day that he had set up that way and I think that is the way I will go.  like I posted earlier I will be using these mainly for coyotes but hope that they will work good as a backup trap for beaver and otter as well.  I am a bit worried how the big pans will work on the beaver and wondering what other trappers think of them.
Douglas L Chubb Feb 27 '13

It is a bigger kill area. When I was in Texas last week I saw firsthand what a bigger pan will do, I will not be afrain to do this to my traps

Mitchell herron Feb 28 '13
What size of knock out you use on the 4 . I have the 4 inch on the number3 sleepy creeks.
Jeff Hoffman Mar 2 '13
what size do the knock outs come in.  I will prob use the biggest ones I can....any recomendations???
John Bear Apr 9 '13
Not to high-jack the thread.. but do you still need pan covers over expanded pans?
Clint Locklear Apr 10 '13
Yes. You still have to keep soil and rocks from getting under pan. It is more importand on a large pan due to travel lengh of travel of longer pan.
Steve McAuliff Apr 19 '13
Could we please get a little more info on what type of pan cover you recommend?  
Douglas L Chubb Apr 21 '13
coffee filters work good
Gene Stanfield Dec 29 '13
Long spring #4 or sleepy creek 4 coils?
I'm deciding which to use. Missouri rocky soil here in the tri lakes area
Afraid long springs will be a bear to bed
Will Watson Jan 31 '14
not sure what you mean a bear to bed? the bed is really not much bigger, and with so much surface area they bed solid quicker. ive made the switch to longsprings as my go to. only way im reaching for a coil first is if i know ive got a good chance of getting a dog. for me getting a coil off em is easier,and if i dont get both springs on a long compressed simultaneously they can pinch a little.. ive felt that personally lol