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hope alls season was great!
Have trouble signing back in when i sign out. Always have to go to the forget password link to get back in. HELP
Justin Cagle Feb 20 '13
Got the Badger THIS year. lol
Justin Cagle Feb 20 '13
New here trying to see how things work. Got a big badger year year.
Justin Cagle Feb 20 '13 · Comments: 4

From a Blog about Wildlife Control that I write for the Patch in my hometown


Before I get into the meat of this blog, I would like to say Thank You to the Walton County citizens who are responsible pet owners. By that I mean the ones who follow the ordinances concerning free roaming animals. I'm not going to quote them here because they are available for viewing on the Walton County website. Every year I run a trapline here in Walton, I will catch a free roaming dog or cat on occasion. Last year, on the Farm, I was checking traps and found one tripped in a pasture. I figured that it had been tripped by a deer and didn't think much about it. The scents, lures and baits I use on my line are specific chemical triggers that are instinctively very attractive to canines and cats. A few days later, the landowner called me and said he had received a very unkind phone call about me catching this owner's dog in a trap. He also told me that someone had trespassed onto his property and shot one of the coyotes I had caught 3 times in the head. I asked the landowner for the person's number and called them back. I found that the owner that lived across the lake lets his dog run loose quite a bit. He told me that it got caught in one of my traps on the Farm and he came over and let it loose. He also told me he shot the coyote that was in the other trap. I proceeded to inform him in a calm, clear but matter of fact way that:

1. It is clearly against State law for anyone to touch my traps but myself and the DNR.

2. He had trespassed twice onto this landowner's property to retrieve his dog and execute a wild animal that I had caught, which is also against State law.

I explained to him that I was under contract on this landowner's property thru the cattle birthing season and if I had any more issues with him or his dog, I would pay him a visit with Walton Animal Control, the DNR and the Walton County Sheriff's Department in tow. He then began backing up saying he tried to keep his dog up but it "got out sometimes"

Fortunately, I did not have any more issues other than I caught a wild pregnant feral bitch dog with no collar in a trap near the slough and some feral cats. The other day as I was setting traps back on this property for the upcoming calf season again, guess what I found. This perps' dog tracks AGAIN, on the Farm and they had come from the same house across the slough. So, trying to keep from catching it again, I went back up the logging road, further onto the cattle farm property and set my trap. Guess what, yesterday when I was running the line, I found that trap tripped and sitting outside of the trap bed. I have just installed brand new springs on my traps for this upcoming season and there is no way any canine could have escaped and left the trap as it was.

I will be back there today checking for footprints. If I find human tracks leading to the trap and back to that house, guess who I'm gonna call? Perhaps this guy didn't "understand" what I explained to him last year so an explanation from a Law Enforcement officer might get through to him. For the readers on the Patch, I am going to explain how I handle a caught domestic on my trapline. The technology of the traps today is much improved over the past. The jaws are very smooth and due to the design of a coyote's larger front foot, they are designed to hold them as you would grab someone by the wrist and hold on tight. They are designed with the animal's comfort in mind. They are NOT designed to injure, maim or anything of the sort. This is untrue propaganda put out by PETA and the HSUS to further their agenda. It is also to envoke emotional responses from the person who is uneducated in the realities of the major benefits my Profession provides. Many times I walk up on coyotes asleep in my traps. Any animal I catch other than Coyotes I released unharmed.

When I catch a domestic dog on my line:

1. I look to see if it has a collar and Rabies tag. If so, and it is friendly enough, I will release it and contact Walton Animal control to pick it up. I am not going to waste my time contacting an irresponsible pet owner to return his pet. He is going to Walton Animal.

2. If I catch a dog with no collar or Rabies tag. I leave it in the trap until Walton Animal Control can arrive. I have been dog bit before and I don't know if this animal is infected or not. The same goes for cats, domestic or feral.

There was a time when I was very young and lived in the country that my grandad had six dogs that stayed in his yard whenever he was outside, but I remember many nights lying in bed with the window open listening to those same dogs running deer, bobcats or whatever. Times have changed and laws have changed. You can be financially devastated if you have, what Georgia law considers a Vicious Dog", and it gets out and bites a child.

I am just asking the good citizens of Walton to be responsible. If you choose to have a pet, you assume the responsiblility and liability that comes with that decision.

Tim Ivey Feb 17 '13 · Comments: 7
Hey guys and gals, im new at this trapping been at it about three weeks now,but it seems i only catch on real cold days. Well anyhow its 15 this morning maybe some luck today. Any one have an opinion on this? Thanks in advance. Btw its been near 40 for a week nothing for a week:(
michael cain Feb 16 '13 · Comments: 5
I believe that the MB650 ILOL OS is the finest coyote and bobcat trap made in my opinion. Huge pan, 4 coiled, beds like a dream, night latched, low pan for deep foot catches. I sacrifice financially in other areas of my lifestyle because with the ADC work I do on Farms, I cannot afford to lose an animal that can later kill a $750-$900 prime breeding heifer.
Tim Ivey Feb 14 '13 · Comments: 11
I've yet to come across anything in all the trapping websites about the subject. I know most of the country doesn't have to worry much about it, but here in the east it is more and more prevalent. Lyme is a nasty disease that can change your life! It is also a very controversial subject. There has been some research on it and it seems to lead to a government cover up on Plum island NY, just south of Lyme CT. Our government lured a German scientist away from the nazis and put him to work in the US to develop chemical warfare. Anyway long story short I was diagnosed with it about a year ago, after twenty years of misdiagnosis! I just felt like shit all the time along with many other symptoms. It's called the mimicking disease it will mess with your head(depression,anxiety) all the way to physical impairment(fibromyalgia, arthritis). It attacks all parts of your body, It's a bacterial infection from TICKS! It can be treated in time. Please research this and make yourselves aware! YouTube or google it. Or ask me. You NEED a Lyme literate Dr. or it will be a long road of disappointing misdiagnosis. The disease is spreading west as we speak. I know it's not something we as trappers like to think a whole lot about but every outdoor person needs to! Sorry for my little rant but I thought it needed to be said. Please,please,please contact me for any info, I'm not a doctor but this is a very misunderstood sickness and most M.D.s don't have a clue. Thanks for looking<br />
Jason michaud Feb 12 '13 · Comments: 1

hey trapperchick

my granddaughter loved you traps , i have to ask where in the heck did you get

the pink paint fr the traps, she is going to bust if i don't paint her a couple traps

if you can let me no were you got the paint and if it's hot pink or just pink ?

david buchanan Feb 11 '13
went to check a foothold on drowning rod today. saw a beaver at my set and figured it got caught by back foot, but just didnt drown. so i walk back and get my gun. get back and it was gone. so i thought maybe it was just a 2nd beaver going to work the set. it was still in eyesight swimming around so i waited for it to give me a shot. after awhile i got fed up and was just goin to remake the set an get on with other traps.

when i pulled up the drowning rod, too my surprise the trap was gone. so i figured it broke the quick link off. so i went wading throuh the pond after it. i got lucky and he got the longspring tangled in some brush. i was able to get the beaver and trap back. quick link was on trap opened and slightly bent, but replaced it with a j hook.

through this learnin process i got my waders filled with water lol
Will Watson Feb 9 '13 · Comments: 4
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