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I'm in SC and we have seen a bunch of rain lately.  In fact it was raining the day I set my first traps.  I'm using MB-550's in dirt holes targeting coyotes.  It has continued to rain throughout the week but we just had a couple of days of dry weather.  I have seen very little sign, except for yesterday I went to check a trap around 8 in the morning and as I pulled up a coyote was 50 yards down the lane heading towards the trap.  Of course he spooked and I got out of there quickly. 
I have a few questions regarding the rain.  I noticed after things dried out a little that the dirt sifted just over my pan is dry and the packed dirt (mud) around is still wet so there is discoloration.  Will that spook the coyote? I am using peat moss as a pan cover.  Also, I am using gatorbait in the hole, and ol' 3 toes as lure around the lip of the hole.  Do I need to be re-baiting or re-luring because of all of the rain? I thought it would be best to stay out of the set as much as possible. Also, the landowner where I am trapping has a wifi connected infrared trail cam that sends text messages when it takes a picture.  We have it set up across the road from a set.  All week it has been nothing but deer and one possum, but last night it snapped a photo of a big coyote passing right by my set.  It never came back.  I'm just thinking that maybe the lure or bait needs a re-do.  Thoughts?
Chris deTreville Feb 7 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: coyote rain dirt hole