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This is a set I like to use occasionally. It takes a little time to construct but usually pays off big. I mostly use it on small properties were there isn't a lot of room. I can put this one set in at a good location and take most of the coyotes in the area. To start with I like a good intersect, preferably where several travel ways meet. The set i will show in the photo is on top of a main ridge where 4 different logging roads meet and one trail that goes on down the ridge. I put out a full beaver that was saved from a summer control job. THe beaver is wired to a tree and covered with leaves and debris. Covering it up keeps most birds of prey and so on off it. It also sort of makes the coyotes feel like they have found something and get curious. I then block down the back of the set, not to heavily though. Just enough to keep them from getting to it. I have 6 different traps on  this set. 2 are at the back about 18 in. back. Even though the bait is blocked from here I have noticed some coyotes will still circle to the back to investigate things. I have 2 more traps on a slight angle to the left and about 18 in. back. The other 2 traps are on a slight angle to the right and about 18 in. back. I like my traps back this far on these sets because I am wanting to catch any coyote that investigates the set and not only the ones that commit to it. The set in the photo is blocked from the front by the crooked little sapling but for the most part I have found coyotes to prefer working a set from one side or the other anyway. I also use a few sticks for guiding. If there are any cats in the area i usually pick up a few of them too off this set.

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The Wall

Jan 31 '14
thats been killer for me as well. also dragging them through field and setting the trails and no traps at animal so they dont associate it with each other.
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By Sierra Deitz
Added Nov 22 '13


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