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Hi everyone.

About me. I'm a small time trapper. I trap coons, rats, fox, coyotes and lately, ground hogs.
I'm a self employed mechanic. Mostly on farm equipment. I will work on the farmers wifes car with a little protest. I am the local welding guy.
I'm also a small time farmer. A friend offered me 115 acers last year. I'm getting a lesson for sure. My corn marketing skills are awful.

P.s. Hi clint. I hang with Clay Mace maybe too much. We will be in Lima Thursday morning.

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The Wall

Sep 16 '13
Hey Tim. Sounds like your a busy guy. Keep hanging around this site when you can and you will learn some good stuff. And meet some decent people to.
Sep 16 '13
Hi David. Sitting on the patio listening to song dogs. Just got home, and drinking a field pop before going in.
ready to learn.
Trap radio fan Tim.
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By Tim Henry
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